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There are lots of Delaware County dentist offices, and locals have more options than ever to choose from. But that can also make it hard to know which ones will truly stand out and how to separate the great from the merely average. So how do you tell the difference? Here are five things to look for:

  1. Comfortable and welcoming. A good dentist is not just knowledgeable and proficient. They must also have the right attitude toward their patients. Many people find dental work uncomfortable or intimidating, and children especially are prone to getting scared when they come into a dental office. That’s why good dentists naturally put their patients at ease. This attitude should extend through all aspects of the dental practice—the office should look pleasant and welcoming from the second you walk in, and all staff should be there with the intention of making your day a little better. Both your hygienist and your dentist should have a comforting, confident attitude that puts you at ease and be able to explain every part of your cleaning or procedure to your satisfaction.
  1. State of the art. Dentist offices should not use antiquated equipment. You should be able to see when you come in that the office is well kept, clean, and runs on a completely computerized administrative system. Everything from the X-ray machine to the dental chair to the tools the dentist uses should appear new and well maintained. A dentist is only as good as the tools of their trade, and the newest dental equipment goes a long way toward making your stay as pleasant as possible.
  1. Reasonable rates for a simple cleaning. Many people do not carry dental insurance, even if they do have health insurance. And even many dental plans only cover part of the cleaning cost. That can make a routine once a year cleaning an expensive proposition—but it doesn’t have to be. Your dental office should be able to tell you the exact price of a cleaning with X-rays before you come in, and many the best will run new patient specials for a cleaning with X-rays for just $100.
  1. Online forms. It’s a small thing, but the best dentist offices have all their patient forms online. That allows you to fill everything out before you show up for your appointment—and that means less waiting.
  1. Capable of providing all dental work in-house. You may find out you need dentures, braces, or orthodontic surgery. These are procedures your dentist should be able to perform for you at the same location where you get your teeth cleaned.

These are just a few of the things to look for in a great Delaware County dentist. What are some of the “musts” on your list?