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When it is time to have all of you teeth extracted or they are missing, a denture may be the right option for you. We know time is important for you so we have a lab in each of our locations so that we can make dentures made in one day with SmileDents Custom partials and dentures.

With dentures made the same day as when the extractions take place, you won’t have to worry about the delays of shipping and travel!  We provide you with all of the options available to you, work to get you the best possible fit and most natural appearance, and take care to provide affordable dentures in  PA and NJ locations.


Same Day Dentures

Immediate Denture Option: If you have to get your teeth out, we know it is a difficult process for you and we do everything we can to help.  If you choose, you can have a denture made to provide you with teeth the same day as your extractions.  It takes at least 4-6 months for your gums to heal after extractions so as your body changes, your dentures won’t fit as well as they can.  The immediate dentures will need to be adjusted, like all new dentures, as well as have soft liners placed as they are a temporary option to get you through the healing process.  You can expect frequent visits during this time that could be bi-weekly, monthly, or more frequently, as determined by the dentist.

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Call our dentistry today to set up a consultation for affordable dentures in PA and NJ locations. You may also want to consider dental implants, which are another great option for removing missing teeth. We can discuss all the available options with you and help you determine which is best for your individual case.

SmileDent Dentures

We offer 3 types of SmileDent Dentures to fit your needs. We will review these options with you during your new patient exam.

We refer to Plus/+ for each denture style when the immediate package is added.  

Simple Plus: Immediate package included and permanent reline included at 6 months or after healing.
Essential Plus: Immediate package included and permanent reline included at 6 months or after healing.
Premier Plus: Immediate package included and permanent, or new denture is made at 6 months or after healing.

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