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Dr. Michael Jefferson

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Dr. Jefferson is a native of Washington, D.C.  After graduating from Howard University College of Dentistry and completing a General Dentistry externship in Baltimore, Maryland, Dr. Jefferson became involved in Public Health delivery systems as well as becoming an Associate with a private practice in S.E. Washington.


At the behest of then Mayor Randy Primas of Camden New Jersey, Dr. Jefferson relocated to Voorhees, New Jersey to serve as a Dental Director for the New Jersey Department of Corrections.


He subsequently served as a Vice President and Regional Director for the privatized model contracted to provide dental services for the same New Jersey Department of Corrections. His transition into private practice included several practices where he served as Dental Director and/or Chief of Dental Services.  Dr. Jefferson now resides in Sewell, New Jersey.


Coming from a large, athletic family with four brothers and two sisters, Dr. Jefferson is an avid sports fan and played High School Baseball and Football.  An accomplished songwriter and performer, Dr. Jefferson has a Music Publication Company with his principal collaborator in Washington, D.C. and has performed professionally.