Is the tooth fairy real? - Smile Exchange

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For many children who are losing their first teeth, the Tooth Fairy can be a great way to make the experience a little less scary, and an opportunity to educate your children on the benefits of good oral health, especially as their permanent teeth come in.

Children typically start losing their baby teeth between the ages of 5 and 7. By the time all 32 of their permanent “adult” teeth come in, they will lose a total of 20 baby teeth.

According to Delta Dental, the tooth fairy pays and average of $1.50-$2.50 per tooth, with some tooth fairies opting to give more for the first tooth. You can make the experience special for your children by giving them a tooth-shaped holder or something similar to keep the tooth in as they go to sleep. This is a GREAT opportunity for the tooth fairy to write a note reminding your children of the importance of good oral health habits.

But what happens in the case of an unexpected tooth lost, such as from playing a sport? What if you can’t find the tooth? If you can’t help the tooth fairy make the experience as special as you would like, have the tooth fairy leave an IOU, or, leave a treat with a special note saying the tooth fairy always knows how to find it.

You can use the tooth fairy as a creative way to get your child excited about their oral health.